Bi Stable Solenoid

Solenoid BI-Stable

BI-stable Solenoid similar to the classical solenoid this units converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (rotary movement).  The uniqueness of the solenoid is that it is able to perform a dual movement. Once the BI-stable gets a pulse it will move in one direction and keep the position until next pules, with the next pulse it will move to the opposite direction and so on.

You can find the BI-stable solenoid in a variety of applications (Optics, Laser, Medical and Aerospace).

The smallest BI stable rotary solenoid which can be use in applications were volume is limited as laser, optics in the fields of medical defense and aerospace.


  • Start from 7mm diameter.
  • Capability to change the direction by opposite voltage.
  • Low power due to high resistance of the coil.
  • Self-hold by the end positions.
  • Usable also for battery power supply.
  • Suitable for heat sensitive environment.