High Precision Machining

High Precision Machining

Lowenstein Technologies specializes in everything related to drive solutions, precise machining and precise engineering solutions according to the customer’s requirements, from the early planning stages to serial production. An inseparable component of our work is precise machining for products for medical, defense, solar energy, aviation, robotics, semiconductor, military and other markets. Also in this area of ​​chip processing, we operate with the most advanced technologies, and provide solutions to engineering challenges at any level of complexity and sensitivity with the help of the most advanced machines and tools. We adhere to short delivery times, without compromises on quality and at competitive prices. Lowenstein’s skilled team accompanies every project from start to finish.

We provide solutions from prototype production to serial production of metal products and metal processing

Our factories quality control at the highest level and according to the strict standards ISO 9001, ISO 13485

A few words about machining

Precise machining is an important and main part today in the various production processes, from standard products to niche and unique products that require great precision. It is a process in which parts of the raw material are removed in order to produce some form using different machines. For the purpose of the work, a variety of tools can be used, including a lathe, a chisel, a sharpener, a drill and a saw. So for example, milling is used to work on surfaces that have a shape on a plane, when the knife rotates while the material moves in front of it on several axes. The milling machines are basically divided into manual ones, which means that most of the work with them is done manually, and from this also come limitations on the level of precision that can be achieved with them. On the other hand, in milling machines with digital control, or CNC machining, the work is done without human contact. In these machines, the program is entered by the professional staff before the work, and from here on it is automatically carried out by the computer, when it is possible to reach a precision of one thousandth of a millimeter and to work in five planes. It should be noted that computerized machining is usually done on metals, but machining in general is performed on a variety of other materials such as bronze, plastic, wood and more.

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For more than 8 decades, our company has earned an excellent reputation thanks to a very high level of professionalism and precise matching of solutions to the needs of the client. We work in collaboration with the best manufacturers of machining tools, who provide full technical support and are known for their reliability and the quality of their products. For more information about our activities in the field of chip processing, to receive professional guidance and to contact us, call the phone: 039780800. We will be happy to be at your disposal for any question or request.