Safe Handling of Electrical Power

Safe handling of electrical power

The Lewenstein Technologies company acquired the activities of the Elic company, which specializes in electrical safety applications and the reliability of power supply to essential facilities through floating power and in the marketing of devices for these purposes. This field is managed by the engineer Uri Cohen.

Lewenstein Technologies is the exclusive representative in Israel of BENDER, the leading company in the world in the following fields:

  • See Insulation Monitors for IT systems (IMD) for:
  • Industry and industrial facilities
  • Energy production facilities
  • Mobile and temporary installations
  • Solar installations
  • electric car
  • energy storage
  • Vessels and ports
  • unique applications
  • To control the integrity of the insulation in the engine while it is running (Off-Line Monitor).
  • Equipment for electrical installations in medical sites.
  • Exchange systems between feed lines
  • Isolation transformer
  • Operating current limiters for the transformer
  • Insulation monitors for the plug housings and operating lamps
  • Insulation fault location location systems
  • Alert displays
  • Goodbye touch screen

Leakage relays for grounding Residual Current Monitors (RCM) for industry

  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Current transformers with high sensitivity, round, rectangular,

openable and flexible in a variety of sizes for leakage relays, in insulation fault location detection systems.

  • Stationary and portable instrumentation for locating the location of a
  • fault in the insulation without interfering with the regular operation of
  • the installation.

Digital control relays for direct voltage and alternating voltage and frequency, single- and

  • three-phase, order of phases (phases), asymmetry
  • Single-, three-stage, and multi-channel current relays.
  • The grounding conductor integrity control relay
  • The reset integrity control relay
  • To control the connection of energy production sources addition, Lewenstein Technologies offers a variety of sophisticated products:
  • Electric vehicle charging controllers
  • Communication amplifiers and communication converters
  • Operating current limiters for single- and three-acting transformers.
  • Switching systems between single- and three-acting feeder lines.
  • Alarm displays for insulation or leakage faults