Blind rivet nuts

For internal and external threads of components with small wall thicknesses.

blind rivet nuts and studs are available in many variations and sizes and therefore offer numerous fastening solutions with additional functions.

We represent the original rivet nut RIVKLE®  (GERMANY) AND RIVNUT®(USA) and also the blind rivet nuts form RIVIT (Italy

Blind rivet nuts and studs can easily be used in metal or plastic components as well as in many other material combinations.

Often for hollow bodies, profiles, housings or components with one-sided accessibility, the economical setting of the blind rivet nut and stud is the only possible solution.



1. Stable thread on thin-walled components.

2. Installation in case of one-sided accessibility (blind assembly).

3. Different  functions (riveting and screwing).

4. The workpiece is not exposed to thermal stress.

5. Low capital expenditure.

6. MS-NAS-automotive.