Helicoil Tanged

Genuine Helicoil strict quality programs ensure to meet the latest industry standards of QS,ISO,TS and AS specifications, as is evident in Helicoil track record of consistently passing audits without technical findings. Genuine Helicoil SPC having the highest   quality levels.

Helicoil is a registered trademark of Emhart Technologies Inc – Stanley Fasteners .


These inserts eliminate tang break-off and retrieval in critical applications and are easily adjusted or removed after installation. As with HeliCoil tanged inserts, virtually no stress is induced in the parent material and as a result, no staking, swaging or keying in place is necessary.



Allows the insert to be installed quickly and easily from either end

  1. The inherent flexibility of the HeliCoil Tangless Insert provides a more balanced distribution of static and dynamic loads throughout the engagement length
  2. HeliCoil Tangless screw-lock inserts provide a positive, self-locking torque
  3. Require smaller boss than solid inserts, minimising total in-place cost


HeliCoil Tangless Inserts may be installed by hand or power tooling with the same mandrel assembly.


Technical information

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