Integrated motors

Integrated Motor is a Stepper/Brushless motor, which assembled to a driver/controller. This solution saves system space and neglect the needs for wires/cables between the motor and the controller. This solution is more cost effective than getting the separate parts and connecting between them manually. Another advantage is related to the fact that the distance between the motor and the controller is very short therefore, the EMI (Electro Mechanical Interference) is very small.

Standard interfaces for the integrated motors are CanOpen & RS232 communication


Integrated Motion Controllers combine high performance single axis motion controllers with the benefits of FAULHABER Brushless DC Servomotors to provide the industry’s largest portfolio of integrated motor controllers.

The Integrated Motion are suitable with deferent applications from laboratory automation to industrial equipment manufacturing, automation technology and robotics to aerospace



  • Compact size
  • Wide speed range
  • High torque
  • Simple cabling
  • Low EMI between motor and controller
  • RS232 and CANopen interfaces
  • Easy configuration
  • Many standard operating modes