Open Universal Controller

The iPOS4808 intelligent drives are based on a new design concept offering cost-effective, compact, modular solutions for the control of rotary or linear brushless, DC brush, and step motors of powers up to 400 W, and rated voltages of up to 50 V.

iPOS4808 embed motion controller, drive and PLC features on a single plug-in module. They can operate as standard CANopen or EtherCAT drives, or as intelligent drives that can be programmed to execute complex motion programs directly at drive level, using their built-in motion controller and the high level Technosoft Motion Language (TML). A series of I/O signals, both digital and analog, are available for easy interfacing with your application.



  • Fully digital servo drive with embedded motion controller
  • For brushless, DC brush and step motors
  • Motor supply: 12-50 V; logic supply: 12-36 V
  • Output current: 8 A continuous, 20 A peak
  • TMLCAN & CANopen (default); EtherCAT (optional)
  • Open-frame PCB, horizontal plug-in design
  • Size: 60 x 43.6 x 12.4 mm (~ 2.36 x 1.72 x 0.49 in)