Ultra Small Linear Solenoid

Linear Solenoid is an electromagnetic component, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, to linear movement. It contains a winding, which creates a magnetic field when current flows through it. The magnetic field stimulates an internal plunger and creates a movement. The solenoid is shaped to provide maximum force with minimum weight and volume.

There are many types of linear solenoids; Push/Pull, Tubular, SuperStroke, etc.

Linear solenoid can also be used as a mechanical stop, switch, locking mechanism, puncture etc.


An ultra-small latching solenoid from Geeplus has no respect for size.

Although it only measures 12x8x7mm at its widest points, their new S1L-0211 provides more than 2N of holding force


  • Mass 1.45 gr
  • Voltage 4 VDC
  • Holding force 2N
  • Stroke 2 mm
  • Life time 100k operations