Rivit was founded in 1973, Rivit has come to set the Company core business in two separate macro-divisions: industry and building, with particular attention to the fields of industrial body shop, electronics, household appliances, sheet metal working, metal furnishings, roofing, metal roofing, air conditioning and metal frames.

Rivit has got the Certification as per UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

 The quick and precise logistic management of the stock items aims to export orders within 48 hours The production department of Rivit is divided in different technical areas: stamping, tapping and assembling of our fastening systems.

Rivit have also developed a special division for the manufacturing and assembling of tools for placing blind rivets and inserts.

Rivit is an Italian leading Company for what concerns production and distribution of fixingsystems and relevant tools, for sheet metal working and assembling