For small sized installations

ISOMETER® isoPV425 with AGH420

  •  Insulation monitoring device for AC and DC IT systems
  •  Application photovoltaic systems up to AC 690 V/DC 1000 V
  •  Separately adjustable response values 1 kΩ…1 MΩ
  •  Automatic adaptation to the system leakage capacitance up to 1000 μF
  •  Measurement of the nominal system voltage (RMS) with undervoltage and overvoltage detection


The ISOMETER® of the isoPV425 series monitors the insulation resistance of unearthed AC/DC main circuits (IT systems) AC, AC/DC 0…690 V resp. DC 0…1000 V.

DC components existing in AC/DC systems do not influence the operating characteristics. An external supply voltage allows de-energised systems to be monitored too.