ISOMETER® isoHV425 with AGH422

  • Continuous insulation monitoring at a nominal system voltage of AC/DC 0 V … 1000 V
  • Galvanically separated interface allows predictive maintenance of the system being monitored
  • Measurement of nominal system voltages and partial voltages to earth
  • Automatic adjustment to the system leakage capacitance up to 150 µF
  • Indication of the insulation value distribution (conductors L1/+ and L2/-) in DC systems

The ISOMETER® monitors the insulation resistance of unearthed AC, AC/DC and DC systems (IT systems) with nominal system voltages of 3(N)AC, AC/DC 0 … 1000 V or DC 0 …1000 V. The maximum permissible system leakage capacitance Ce is 150 μF. DC components existing in AC systems do not influence the operating characteristics, when a minimum load current of DC 100 mA flows. A separate supply voltage allows de-energised systems to be monitored too.