Keensert – Key Locking Threaded Inserts

KEENSERT® – for a stronger thread

KEENSERTS stainless steel inserts and studs provide strong, permanent metal threads in a range of metals. Thread locking feature available

Threaded inserts for plastics are brass screw machine products designed to provide strong metal threads in plastic this fashion the threaded insert protect on the machine and enable to repair out of order screws.

We represent the leading brands as Dodge, TR-Sert, Amtek.


Inserting possible by:

1.   Heat insertion

2.   Ultrasonic machine insertion

3.   Insertion stabbed

4.   Introduction by screwing

5.   Insertion at casting casting  / injection



•           Significantly increases load capability in weaker materials.

•           Special keys lock the KEENSERT into place, eliminating rotation.

•           Easy to install – no special taps required and no tangs to remove.

•           High resistance to torque out and pullout.

Keensert solid inserts can be quickly and effectively installed using Camloc Keensert installation tooling.