Technosoft is distinguished in its focus on innovative design based on the latest control technology, which has culminated in the design of MotionChip™ – a dedicated DSP solution for motion control that is embedded today in a broad range of intelligent servo drive products. Technosoft is committed to bringing compact, flexible, cost-effective solutions to a large variety of motion applications ranging from medical, textile, robotics to factory automation. Technosoft is also an active third party of Texas Instruments for DSPs, since 1995.

The modular concept of dedicated OEM solutions

Besides the standard product lines we offer, Technosoft's emphasis on modularity at both hardware and software levels allows us to create highly flexible and adaptable dedicated solutions that can be easily and rapidly prototyped to meet specific OEM needs. Clients from industries like automotive and military have effectively utilized Technosoft motor and control expertise in the fast realisation of dedicated solutions for highly demanding environments.

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Benefits of Technosoft Motion Technology

  • Compact and cost-effective motion solutions
  • Drives with embedded motion controller
  • Single or multi-axis operation (distributed intelligence)
  • Powerful trajectory generator with profiles, jogging, contouring
  • Control of DC, brushless or step motors
  • Extremely flexible and versatile motion control, with high level motion language
  • Easy integration with C and LabView libraries
  • Quick system set-up and diagnostic