Power supply for alert displays

The DPS series power supply allows simultaneous input from one supply of warning displays for a fault in the floating supply LD.. and for a fault in the supply lines MK50, and a decoder for locating the location of an insulation fault EDS151. It is also possible to connect several providers (of the same type) at the same time to feed a large amount of alert units. A dedicated model is used to power a PSM communication amplifier.

All suppliers have a very low output voltage as required by the regulations for medical sites, output protection against short circuit or overloading, an automatic fuse at the output, for protection against short circuiting or overloading and a green light on the front indicating a normal voltage output.

The carriers can be installed inside a panel on a DIN rail or with screws.

DPS1 model for one alarm display unit LD.. or MK50 or EDS151 decoder for locating the location of an insulation fault

Model DPS5 for inputting up to 5 loads of warning displays LD.. MK50/EDS151 decoder for insulation fault detection

DPS12 model for storing up to 12 loads of LD.. and MK50 warning displays and an EDS151 decoder for detecting an insulation fault

Model DPS25 dedicated power supply for one PSM communication amplifier

Calculation of loads:

The MK50 model MK50 supply line fault notification display is considered one load
Alarm display for floating load models LD16 and LD26 are considered one load
Display of alerts for Xina View LD36 and LD46 models are considered 2 loads
Display of alerts for Xina View LD56 and LD66 models are considered 3 loads
Alarm display for Xina View LD76 and LD86 models are considered 4 loads
Decoder for locating a faulty circuit model EDS151 is considered for 2 loads