ThinGap stands at the forefront as a leading supplier of cutting-edge slotless motor kits renowned for their impeccable performance, devoid of cogging. These motor kits are specifically engineered to meet the exacting demands of applications that prioritize seamless motion, precise actuation, and seamless integration. Nestled in Camarillo, California, ThinGap boasts a dedicated team of engineers, production specialists, and operations staff who cater to customers operating in the aerospace, defense, medical, and precision industrial sectors. For over two decades, ThinGap has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to swiftly conceptualizing, developing, and manufacturing top-tier, American-made solutions.

With a special focus on thin stator-coils, optimized rotor-magnets, and advanced modeling and process capabilities, ThinGap's cogging-free motors showcase an exceptional torque-to-weight ratio complemented by a generous aperture and low profile. The TG and LS Series of motor kits, along with tailor-made, application-specific designs, constitute ThinGap's extensive product portfolio, offering a wide array of sizes, power ranges, and form factors that cater to the most demanding of applications.